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May 24, 2021, 10:56 a.m.
An excellent opportunity to highlight your expertise
Carnegie Reading Room

by Brenna Helmstutler, Librarian for the School of Information Studies

Faculty profiles in Experts@Syracuse is an excellent opportunity to highlight your expertise and dedication to impactful research. Research metrics are often used to show evidence of research impact for tenure and promotion, grant proposals, performance reviews, CVs, and faculty webpages.

If you’re looking to populate your profile, there are two ways to add works automatically via selected database feeds and import of online sources by title or author. For more information on this, visit the ‘Importing Online Sources’ page of the Experts@Syracuse Profile Management research guide. For other entries not included in the feeds or imports, there is a manual option to add content, available under ‘Adding/Updating Own Profiles’.

You can also add research metrics in your Experts profile, including:

For more information or help with your Experts@Syracuse profile, go to:

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