The following documentation represents partial record of the construction process of building the Institute of Human Performance, SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York.

The images contained in this document were photographed by Professor Ted Ceraldi during the three year construction period of building the Institute for Human Performance. During that period, Professor Ceraldi conducted Honor Technology classes at the site. The images are a documentation of actual field conditions, installations, and construction procedures which were observed and recorded during field classes in Architectural Technologies.

In order to conduct field classes, permission was required from Syracuse University, the School of Architecture, the Owner, the Architect, and the Construction Manager. Classes were further restricted to areas of the site which were designated to be safe by the construction superintendent who has jurisdiction over the entire building site. Permission to enter the site was obtained on a per class basis during the eight semesters of study. The Architect's field office was utilized as the general clearinghouse for all field visits. It also provided a space for lectures and the review of drawings, specifications, and change orders which were updated on a daily basis. Students adhered to strict OSHA regulations with regard to life safety issues, and were required to log in and out of the site during classes.

The following images and accompanying text are organized under the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format. The Divisions of the CSI format are numbered one to sixteen and are the basis for a permanent framework which is universally accepted in the construction industry. Each “Division” has a number of “Sections” which denote a basic unit of work in the construction industry. There is no limit to the number of “Sections” under any one “Division” and a complete documentation of the Sections may be found in the original specifications on reserve in the Architectural Reading Room, 102 Slocum Hall.  The sixteen Divisions are listed below:

CSI Format

Division 1
General Requirements
Division 2
Site Work
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Wood and Plastics
Division 7
Thermal and Moisture Protection
Division 8
Doors and Windows
Division 9
Division 10
Division 11
Division 12
Division 13
Special Construction
Division 14
Conveying Systems
Division 15
Division 16

Appendix A
Plans, Elevations & Sections

The Division numbers and titles are permanent and unchanging. They are the only words used by the CSI Format to describe a portion of the work and specification for building construction. The Divisions may contain  any number of “Sections,” and it is here that a project may be carefully specified and broken down by architects and engineers.

Division and Section numbers codify the index for this anthology as they appear in the Construction Documents for the Institute for Human Performance. The Construction Documents,which include the drawings and specifications, are part of the permanent collection of the School of Architecture and can be referenced through the Fine Arts Department of the Bird Library, Syracuse University.  Each image will be accompanied by a description of the work being viewed and any associated work of other Divisions and or Sections if appropriate.

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