Uzbekistan Cultural Exhibition

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display case with clothing and artifacts next to digital screen with Uzbekistan flag

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April 15 - May 15,2023

The Moynihan Institute along with the Central Asia and Caucasus Initiative is proud to present an exhibition celebrating the culture of Uzbekistan at Bird Library.

The Uzbekistan Cultural Exhibition is the first exhibition of the CACI aimed at promoting and raising awareness of Syracuse University community on the contemporary and historical place of the Central Asian countries in the world.

During the one month of exhibition, the visitors will learn about Uzbekistan and its cultural ethnography through the cultural attributes, presented by “Vatandoshlar” Public Foundation of Uzbekistan (, to be displayed at the Bird library. The display items inform the visitors about the art, food culture, rituals and traditional clothes through musical instruments, apparel and dishware along with their description and demonstration of their use with QR codes.