Eye Hand Body Mind Drawing

April 4, 2023, 11 a.m.

three students posing in front of brown paper on the wall

The new Biblio Gallery exhibit on the 4th floor of Bird Library features work from students in Professor Susan D'Amato's College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) School of Art ARI 331 course. The exhibit will be on display April 5 to 18, 2023.

Drawing lends itself as a holistic practice for mindful investigation and engagement with the visual, felt and perceptive experiences of being alive in the world. In this course traditional and contemporary approaches, materials and drawing processes are integrated with consciousness-based contemplative practices including breath, sound, movement, qi gong, yoga, sitting, walking and guided meditation. Working from observed, thought-based and sensational experiences, structured and open problems challenge and enrich students’ ability to perceive, create and think with integrated awareness.

The work presented in this exhibition is created from a variety of observed, somatic and sensory drawing experiences.

Students in the course:

Madelyne Chiarolanzio

Lillian Mariposa

Claudia Elm

Abigail Fay

Tiffani Pomaika'i Lorica

Marisa Goldberg

Cole Powers

Karihwaierithon Jacobs

Meg Mallozzi

Brielle Seidel

Brianna Starck

Sophie Sternkopf

For more information about the Biblio Gallery, contact S. Ann Skiold, MFA, MLIS, Visual Arts and Language Librarian at Syracuse University Libraries or apply to submit an exhibit via Biblio Gallery exhibition form.

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