Grace Swinnerton Appointed New Visiting Librarian for Digital Library Program and IVMF

Aug. 30, 2021, 8 p.m.

Grace Swinnerton wearing a mask and black tank top standing in the lobby of the Syracuse University Veterans Resource Center with wood slat wall

Grace “Gigi” Swinnerton was recently appointed as Syracuse University Libraries’ new visiting librarian for the Digital Library Program and Institute for Veteran and Military Families (IVMF). This position is a one-year appointment. Swinnerton recently obtained her master’s in library and information science from Syracuse University and was a member of the Libraries’ first Information Literacy Scholars cohort. While a graduate student, she worked as peer manager of the IVMF student library team and has played a lead role in developing the IVMF Digital Resource Library, an index of locally produced and curated content. She will be presenting at the Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative (DCMI) 2021 virtual forum in October with other student team members around their work on the topic “Maximizing Interoperability through Metadata: a Student Initiative.”  In her position, Swinnerton will continue to develop the IVMF Digital Resource Library while gaining competencies in digital library work, especially around the institutional repository and how it relates to and synthesizes practices in digital stewardship and digital scholarship.

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