Community Bulletin Board Posting

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The Libraries encourage the use of community bulletin boards to share information about opportunities, events, courses, etc. by individuals or groups. There are two community bulletin boards in Bird Library on the 1st floor next to each vending machine area, one on the Waverly Street side of the building and the other near Pages Cafe. There is also a Libraries' maintained community bulletin board outside the librarians offices in Carnegie Library for student, faculty and staff use.

  • Signs (including flyers and notices) are only permitted to be posted on the designated community bulletin boards. They may not be taped, glued or put up in any other parts of the building.
  • Signs that are posted should include the sponsoring organization and a contact department or person.
  • Marketing communications will routinely monitor the bulletin boards and remove any signs that are outdated.
  • Graffiti or marking on the actual board is not permitted and is considered vandalism, just like any marking on any walls or furniture is considered vandalism. Department of Public Safety (DPS) will be notified if vandalism is discovered and an investigation will be conducted.
  • Hateful speech is never permitted and if found, DPS will be notified.
  • Signs posted or left on tables/chairs in areas outside of the bulletin board will be removed/discarded.
  • In certain situations, we may receive requests from groups to deviate from normal policy on signage. In these instances, it is at the discretion of the Dean to approve exceptions to the policy.
  • The Libraries reserves the right to remove signs that are deemed inappropriate.

Thank you for creating a culture that embraces sharing information among the campus community.