Digital Signage Guidelines

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  • Timely information around important events, resources and services provided by the Libraries and its campus partners are shared on flat-screen HD monitors located on the 1st floor of Bird Library and in Carnegie Library. The signage is powered by the University's Four Winds Interactive system and is part of a campus-wide emergency alert program. In case of emergency, University alert messages replace Libraries content.
  • Additional digital signage is available on various floors in Bird Library, with content locally managed.
  • Content for digital signs is managed by Libraries’ Marketing and Communications.
  • Technical infrastructure is managed by Libraries Information Technology.
  • Input is periodically sought from user services staff in the Libraries.
  • The use of digital signage is subject to the requirements of legal and ethical behavior within the University community.
  • The digital signs promote Libraries’-sponsored and partner events and activities taking place in the Libraries and services/resources offered at the Libraries.
  • In the event of an emergency, University Department of Public Safety will take over all displays connected to the digital signage.

Submission Guidelines

  • To submit a request for content to be included in Libraries digital signage, email Marketing Communications reserves the right to edit or decline any suggested content.
  • Those wishing to submit content for consideration should provide content that can be formatted as a slide within a PowerPoint deck running in the main window of the screen. Elements for content should include:
    • Suggested visual image, if appropriate, that is high-quality TIF, PNG, or JPG, at least 1216 pixels wide x 684 pixels high (and no more than 2432 x 1368) in either RGB or grayscale should be included. Please only submit images with copyright approval.
    • Recommended headline of three to eight words.
    • No more than 4-6 bullets/key points.