Licensed Web Resources

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  • Syracuse University Libraries, on behalf of the University, licenses a variety of research materials, e.g., databases, electronic journals and books, streaming media, data, etc.
  • Anyone using a campus library or workstation may access these resources on site. However, only currently enrolled Syracuse University students, faculty and staff are eligible to access licensed resources from off-campus locations. Access control (authentication) is required and specified in our contracts with the vendors of these resources.
  • Syracuse University affiliation is maintained and tracked in University systems such as the ID card system and PeopleSoft. Patron records for SU-affiliated users in the Libraries' online system are derived from University systems and include name, address, SU ID number, status and an expiration date.
  • The system deployed by the Libraries to provide authentication for remote access uses the SU ID number as the Login ID. For this reason, it is incumbent upon all users to keep this number confidential and to report missing or stolen ID as soon as possible.
  • The Libraries take seriously the legal responsibility to comply with contracts and abide by current copyright law and is diligent in maintaining its database of eligible users.
  • The Libraries work closely with other University units to resolve status and classification problems for eligible users.
  • Systematic downloading of articles or other information, sharing of articles or other information with individuals at other institutions, making content available on openly accessible servers / web sites, and using such articles or information for commercial purposes are expressly prohibited.
  • E-resources subscribed to or owned by Syracuse University Libraries are licensed for scholarly, research or educational purposes, and not intended for commercial use.
  • Users should be aware that publishers and vendors may monitor use of electronic resources to ensure that the terms of their license agreements are being enforced. The Libraries are also contractually obligated to investigate reported misuse of licensed resources.
  • The consequences of misuse could result in termination of the license and loss of the use of this material by the entire Syracuse University community. Violators of this policy may be subject to University disciplinary policies, criminal prosecution, and/or be liable for damages to the fullest extent provided by law.