Photographing, Videotaping and Filming in the Libraries

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In all instances, use of photographic, videotape, or film equipment within the libraries:

  • Must not interfere with the study, research, privacy or safety needs of Libraries’ users.
  • Must not violate any Syracuse University policies, rules or regulations.
  • May not hinder access to exits, stairways, corridors or doorways.
  • May sometimes be restricted during midterms or near final examinations.
  • Must include consent from any individual who is included or is the subject of the photograph, video or film.

There are three different scenarios where visitors to SU Libraries may have occasion to photograph, videotape or film:

1) Personal Use

Visitors to the SU Libraries are welcome to take photographs or videos for their personal use without formal authorization, so long as staff and users are not inconvenienced in any way.

2) Student and Public Use

Any photography, video or filming requests for public use, including students working on academic projects, must be approved by Libraries’ Marketing and Communications office. This includes those who may be using lights or tripods, requesting access to a specific room, conducting interviews or shifting library materials or furniture. Any questions can be emailed to Keep in mind the following:

a) Submit the request to photograph, videotape or film using this form 1-2 business days in advance;

b) You will receive via approval via email from the Libraries’ Marketing and Communications team.

c) Be prepared to present the approved request form to staff if asked.

3) Non-Syracuse University Commercial, News or Other External Organization

External agencies wishing to film for commercial or news media purposes should contact Syracuse University’s central Office of News Services at or 315.443.3784. Office of News Services will coordinate with the Libraries’ Department of Marketing and Communications.

Right to Terminate

SU Libraries reserve the right to terminate any photography, videotaping or filming that causes an undue disturbance, violates Libraries or University policies or regulations or endangers the health and safety of participants, patrons and staff.

Form request to Photograph, Videotape or Film


Contact the Libraries Marketing and Communications office at or 315.443.9788. Thank you for your cooperation.