Private Long-Term Study Rooms, Bird Library

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The Libraries have 65 small private study rooms available for long-term use by researchers. Located on the perimeter of floors 4 and 5, the rooms are equipped with a desk, chair, electrical outlet, and wireless network connection. Some study rooms have windows. The rooms have a 16 week loan period and are renewable. These study rooms are for individual use and are intended as quiet, private space for research and writing. All occupants are expected to use their study room at least 3 times per week during the semesters.


Application Process

Check-Out and Renewal

Key Return


  1. All Syracuse University Libraries’ policies apply to study rooms.
  2. Private study rooms are intended for individual study only.
  3. Private study rooms are intended for research and writing only. Use of study rooms for other purposes may result in the loss of study room privileges or other appropriate actions.
  4. Private study rooms are for the use of the individual to whom the room is assigned. A study room assignment may not be transferred.
  5. Eligible faculty/doctoral students may request to share a study room as indicated in the application process above. Individual study is still required in shared assignments.
  6. The Libraries reserve the right to monitor the frequency with which study rooms are used and to revoke privileges for those individuals who do not use the assigned space according to the requirements stated above.
  7. The study rooms are not intended to be used as office or conference space. Names may not be posted on doors.
  8. Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Check Out desk in Bird Library. A replacement key will be made available after payment of required charges.
  9. Study room keys may not be duplicated.
  10. Be sure to lock your door and take the key with you when you leave the room.
  11. Study rooms are not to be used for storage.
  12. Study rooms are not soundproof. Please be considerate of other library users.
  13. Nothing is to be permanently posted or attached to walls or furniture.
  14. Personal equipment such as computers, calculators, chargers, study lamps and desk clocks are permitted. All other electrical appliances including heating, cooking and food storage equipment are prohibited.
  15. Prohibited items will be removed from the study room and taken to Library Security on the first floor of Bird Library.
  16. Other furniture may not be moved into the study room.
  17. The Libraries are not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property or other items left in the study room.
  18. All circulating library materials in the room must be properly checked out to the assigned occupant. All items will be subject to regular loan policies, recall, and overdue fines and fees.
  19. Periodicals, Reference books, and other non-circulating materials should not be left in the study room.
  20. Regular inspections of study rooms will be made by library staff. Library items that are not checked out, overdue or non-circulating will be removed and held for a short time at the circulation desk after which time the items will be returned to the library shelves.
  21. The Libraries will not receive or deliver mail or packages for study room occupants. Any such items delivered to the Libraries will be returned to the sender, and any costs incurred in doing so will be added to the study room occupant’s library account.
  22. Libraries staff members will deliver messages to study rooms in emergency situations only.
  23. To protect patron privacy, Libraries staff will not divulge study room assignments to outside parties.

Room Capacity: 1

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