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Collection includes many of the classic printed works in the history of science and medicine. These volumes are also included in our collections of Antiquarian Books. In addition to these items, we also hold archival collections related to the practice of medicine and scientific inquiry.

Archival Materials

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Audio and Visual Materials

Many of the science and medicine collections contain visual and audio materials. For example, see:

Rare Books and Printed Materials

Examples are Arithmetica (1488) by Boethius, Fasciculus medicinae (1500) by Ketham, Cosmographia (1554) by Apianus, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (1566) by Copernicus, De magnete (1600) by Gilbert, Dioptrice (1611) by Kepler, Dialogo (1632) by Galileo, Opera posthuma (1677) by Spinoza, Horologium oscillatorium (1673) by Huygens, Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica (1687) by Newton, Experimental Researches in Electricity (1839-55) by Faraday, and On the Origin of Species (1859) by Darwin. Two 20th-century examples are The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care (1946) by Spock and A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes (1919) by Goddard.

Useful search terms to locate these items in the catalog include "scientific expeditions," "hospitals," "pediatricians," "astronomy - early works," "public health," and "medical social work."

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