200 Walnut Ave. Special Collections Research Center

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two story yellow colonial house with columns and porch

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Construction Began: Prior to 1901

Materials: Wood

Style: Colonial

First Purchased by SU: 1943

Cost: $8,729

Sold to Kappa Phi Delta: 1989

Repurchased by SU: January 2002

Cost: $215,000

Notes: The former home of Dr. Ensign McChesney, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, 1899-1905, the property originally included a barn. It later served as McChesney Cottage, a women's residence. In 1943, the residents, along with women from four other cottages, had to relocate to other living quarters in order to accommodate incoming Army air crew students. In 1989 the house was sold to Kappa Phi Delta fraternity, only to be repurchased in 2002 by SU when the chapter closed.