Brewster/Boland/Brockway Complex Special Collections Research Center

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two large multi-story gray buildings situated side by side

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Design Board Approved: February 5, 1965

Cornerstone Laid: September 12, 1966

Occupied: September 1968

Architects: Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw & Folley of Syracuse

Contractor: Vincent J. Smith, Binghamton, NY

Dedicated: May 8, 1969

Location: 401 Van Buren Street

Space: 335,000 square feet

Brewster Named for: Neal Brewster, College of Law Class of 1902 and Mabel Brewster Pierce

Boland Named for: John C. Boland, Class of 1899 and College of Law Class of 1901, and May L. Boland

Brockway Named for: Dr. Perle Brown Brockway, College of Medicine Class of 1908

Cost: Approximately $8 million

Notes: Brewster has 12 floors of residents, Boland has 8 and Brockway has 1. The complex included a dining hall, commons and a parking garage. From 1995 to 1999, many renovations and updates were completed. The buildings are located on the site of the former St. Mary's Cemetery.