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Awarded to individuals who have exhibited excellence in areas such as:

  • Outstanding achievement in an academic field, the arts, business, etc.
  • Innovative and creative achievements;
  • Humanitarian deeds and the degree to which the candidate's activities have touched various lives;
  • Extent to which candidate's achievement represents sustained efforts over the course of his/her career;
  • Extent to which candidate represents an outstanding model for our graduates;
  • The honor brought to SU should the candidate accept the nomination.

The degree program is operated by the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees which reviews all nominations and recommends final candidates to the full Senate, which makes the final decision. Honorary degrees are normally awarded annually at Commencement Weekend.


Hilton Als (Doctor of Letters)

Jim Boeheim ’66, G’73 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Joan Breier Brodsky ’67, G’68 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William “Bill” Brodsky ’65, L’68 (Doctor of Laws)

Lynn Conway (Doctor of Science)


Cerri A. Banks '00, G'04, G'06 (Doctor of Humane Letters, posthumously)

Michael Crow G'85 (Doctor of Science)

David R. MacDonald (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Kathleen A. Walters '73 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Nina V. Federoff ’66 (Doctor of Science)

Thomas Magnanti ’67 (Doctor of Science)

Howard “Howie” Phanstiel ’70, G ’71 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Gloria Somolekae G’94 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Mary Schmidt Campbell G'73, G'82 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Peggy Combs '85 (Doctor of Laws)

Joseph A. Strasser '53, G'58 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Daniel A. D'Aniello '68 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Kevin Richardson (Bachelor of Fine Arts)


Zainab Hawa Bangura (Doctor of Laws)

Steven W. Barnes '82 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Mary C. Daly '94 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Marvin Lender '63 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Bishop Borys Gudziak ’80 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Kathrine Switzer ’68, G’72 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Kenneth M. Zeichner G’70, G’76 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Frank Bisignano (Doctor of Laws)

Vernon E. Jordan Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Vincent Poor (Doctor of Science)
Thomas Porter (Sakokwenionkwas, "the one who wins") (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Carrie Mae Weems (Doctor of Fine Arts)


Kevin Bell '74 (Doctor of Science)

Floyd Little '67 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Donald Newhouse '51 (Doctor of Letters)

Tobias Wolff (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Bob Costas '74 (Doctor of Letters)

Charlotte Holstein (Doctor of Letters)

Mary Karr (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Sonia Nieto (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Richard L. Thompson G'67 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Bruce M. Alberts (Doctor of Science)

David Remnick (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Roy Simmons Jr. '59 (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Alan Gerry (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Judith S. Kaye (Doctor of Laws)

Nicholas Kristof (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Wangari Muta Maathai (Doctor of Science) awarded posthumously

Charles Payne '70 (Doctor of Letters)


Joel Louis Lebowitz G'55,'56 (Doctor of Science)

Patricia Anne Moore (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Carl Jude Schramm (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Aaron Sorkin '83 (Doctor of Fine Arts)


John H. Chapple '75 (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Nicholas Donofrio G'71 (Doctor of Science)

Jessie C. Gruman (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Ei-ichi Negishi (Doctor of Science)

J. Craig Venter (Doctor of Science)

Gerardine Wurzburg (Doctor of Letters)


Elizabeth Catlett (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Gerald B. Cramer (Doctor of Laws)

Jamie Dimon (Doctor of Laws)

Claire Mintzer Fagin (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Ronald Meyer (Doctor of Humane Letters)

George Allen Weiss (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Molly Corbett Broad (Doctor of Laws)

Charles J. Fahey (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Seymour M. Hersh (Doctor of Letters)

Irving Powless Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Gianfranco Zaccai (Doctor of Fine Arts)


John Allan Couri (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Jacques d'Amboise (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Edith Marie Flanigen (Doctor of Science)

Lynn Margulis (Doctor of Science)

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn (Doctor of Letters)

Paul A. Volcker (Doctor of Laws)

Robert Wedgeworth (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Martin J. Whitman (Doctor of Laws)

Bob Woodruff (Doctor of Letters)


Thomas K. Gilhool (Doctor of Education)

Austin Roy Kalish (Doctor of Speech and Dramatic Arts)

Irma Ginsberg Kalish (Doctor of Speech and Dramatic Arts)

Frank McCourt (Doctor of Letters)

Martin A. Pomerantz (Doctor of Science)

Lily Yeh (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Dave Bing (Doctor of Laws)

Peter David Eisenman (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Billy Joel (Doctor of Music)

Carolyn Dineen King (Doctor of Laws)

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Jane Goodall (Doctor of Science)

P. Ole Fanger (Doctor of Science)

Robert P. Moses (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Joseph O. Lampe (Doctor of Laws)

Kenneth A. Shaw (Doctor of Laws)

Mary Ann Shaw (Doctor of Humane Letters)

John Brooks Slaughter (Doctor of Science)

Jozef J. Zwislocki (Doctor of Science)


Helen Strassburger Boatwright (Doctor of Music)

George Campbell, Jr. (Doctor of Science)

William F. Walsh (Doctor of Laws)


Wendy H. Cohen (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Joanne Shenandoah (Doctor of Music)


Eileen M. Collins (Doctor of Science)

Goh, Kun (Doctor of Laws)

Catherine Liggins Hughes (Doctor of Letters)

Paul Kellogg (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Charles B. Rangel (Doctor of Laws)

Florence Schorske Wald (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Patricia Meyer Batin (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Joyce Carol Oates (Doctor of Letters)


Douglas D. Danforth (Doctor of Laws)

Marilyn Wakeland Hoskins (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Ralph Ketcham (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Constance Baker Motley (Doctor of Laws)

Yoshiro NakaMats (Doctor of Science)

Huston Smith (Doctor of Divinity)


Chinua Achebe (Doctor of Humane Letters)

H. Douglas Barclay (Doctor of Laws)

M. Elizabeth Carnegie (Doctor of Science)

College of Engineering Honorary

Fritz A. Traugott (Doctor of Science)


Mary Frances Berry (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Johnnetta Betsch Cole (Doctor of Laws)

Carlisle Floyd (Doctor of Music)

Kitty Carlisle Hart (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Law School Honorary

Alan M. Dershowitz (Doctor of Laws)


William H. Gerdts (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Vernon F. Snow (Doctor of Humane Letters)

J. Milton Yinger (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Conrad Lynn (Doctor of Laws)

Dennis B. Ross (Doctor of Laws)

Bill Viola (Doctor of Fine Arts)

John A. Williams (Doctor of Letters)


Shoshana Shoubin Cardin (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Amartya Kumar Sen (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Carl R. Woese (Doctor of Science)

Utica College Honoraries

Sherwood L. Boehlert (Doctor of Laws)

Prosper Igboeli (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Maxwell School Honoraries

Louis F. Bantle (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Henry G. Cisneros (Doctor of Laws)

James Jones (Doctor of Laws)

Jeanne Jordan Kirkpatrick (Doctor of Laws)

Donald William Meinig (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William Kane Reilly (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Elaine Frances Sciolino (Doctor of Letters)


Clara L. Adams-Ender (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Elton Clay Fax (Doctor of Letters)

Oren R. Lyons (Doctor of Laws)

Neil McIntosh (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary

Stewart F. Hancock, Jr. (Doctor of Laws)


Charles Vert Willie (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary

John R. Dunne (Doctor of Laws)

Utica College Honoraries

Richard Benedetto (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Thomas J. Cahill (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Patricia Aburdene (Doctor of Humane Letters)

David Blackwell (Doctor of Science)

Melvin A. Eggers (Doctor of Laws)

Robert B. Menschel (Doctor of Laws)

John Naisbitt (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Chris J. Witting (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary

Clarence Thomas (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Robert Ian Blaich (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Alan K. Campbell (Doctor of Laws)

Glen Leet (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Thomas Nathaniel Todd (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary

Roger J. Miner (Doctor of Laws)


Herbert R. Brinberg (Doctor of Science)

Gilbert M. Grosvenor (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Gerda Lerner (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dorothy Porter Wesley (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary

Rudolph Giuliani (Doctor of Laws)

Utica College Honorary

Henry DiSpirito (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Apa B. Pant (Doctor of Laws)

Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (Doctor of Laws)

Stephen Rogers (Doctor of Laws)

Franklin Hall Williams (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary

Judith S. Kaye (Doctor of Laws)


Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (Doctor of Science)

Norman E. Isaacs (Doctor of Letters)

Thomas H. Kean (Doctor of Laws)

Tarky Lombardi, Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Carleton Sprague Smith (Doctor of Humane Letters)

David Mark Winfield (Doctor of Laws)

Donna E. Shalala (Doctor of Laws)

Law School Honorary

Abram Chayes (Doctor of Laws) Utica College Honorary

Edward W. Duffy (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Mario M. Cuomo (Doctor of Laws)

Grace Murray Hopper (Doctor of Science)

Yousuf Karsh (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Louis Krasner (Doctor of Music)

Benoit B. Mandelbrot (Doctor of Science)

Paul Taylor (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Terence A. Todman (Doctor of Laws)


Pearl Bailey (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William Fleming (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Helen Frankenthaler (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Alfred R. Goldstein (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Stefan Lorant (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Franklin Story Musgrave (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honoraries

Lawrence H. Cooke (Doctor of Laws)

Wilfred Feinberg (Doctor of Laws)

Sol Wachtler (Doctor of Laws)

Utica College Honorary

Mstislav Rostropovich (Doctor of Music)


Albert Turner Bharucha-Reid (Doctor of Science)

Ruth Johnson Colvin (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Renee Schine Crown (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Leo A. Goodman (Doctor of Science)

Christopher Keene (Doctor of Music)

Edward Everett Palmer (Doctor of Laws)

Dan Rather (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Peter Zeisler (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Law School Honorary

Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Doctor of Laws)


Daniel J. Boorstin (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William Mellon Cruickshank (Doctor of Pedagogy)

John Hersey (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Shirley Mount Hufstedler (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Koffler Jarvik (Doctor of Science)

William Arthur Lewis (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honorary

Elliot Lee Richardson (Doctor of Laws)

School of Management Honorary

Samuel Riley Pierce (Doctor of Laws)

School of Education Honorary

Seymour Bernard Sarason (Doctor of Humane Letters)

SUNY ESF Honorary

Russell Wilbur Peterson (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Gregory Richard Anrig (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William Ayres Arrowsmith (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Isabel Bishop (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Patricia Roberts Harris (Doctor of Laws)

Ted Koppel (Doctor of Laws)

An Wang (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honorary

Ralph Nader (Doctor of Laws)


Barbara Goldsmith (Doctor of Literature)

Alexander Meigs Haig, Jr. (Doctor of Public Service)

Melvin Carl Holm (Doctor of Public Service)

Katherine Anne Kendall (Doctor of Public Service)

Zachary Theodore Onyonka (Doctor of Public Service)

Willard Van Orman Quine (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Law School Honorary

Eleanor Holmes Norton (Doctor of Laws)


Jessie Shirley Bernard (Doctor of Laws)

James Michael Hanley (Doctor of Laws)

Elizabeth Gilmore Holt (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Bill D. Moyers (Doctor of Laws)

Peter Michael Rentzepis (Doctor of Science)

Law School Honorary

David S. Bazelon (Doctor of Laws)


Marian Wright Edelman (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Rev. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Tom Brokaw (Doctor of Laws)

H.Keffer Hartline (Doctor of Science)

Hallowell Davis (Doctor of Science)

Ingeborg G. Mauksch (Doctor of Science)

William C. Krumbein (Doctor of Science)


Julian Ferris (Doctor of Fine Arts)

William L. Safire (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Donald S. MacNaughton (Doctor of Laws)

Otis Smith (Doctor of Laws)


Donald F. Davison (Doctor of Laws)

Giuseppe Parenti (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. Hugh L. Carey (Doctor of Laws)

John C. Sawhill (Doctor of Laws)


Jerome J. Suran (Doctor of Engineering)

Hilton Kramer (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Sol Feinstone (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Hon. Claiborne Pell (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. Patsy T. Mink (Doctor of Laws)

Robert Morganthau (Doctor of Laws)


Commissioner William E. Chamerlain (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Hon. Edward Brooke (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. Helvi Lienna Sipila (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. William T. Coleman (Doctor of Laws)

Royal L. O'Day (Doctor of Laws)

Vincent E. McKelvey (Doctor of Science)


Allen Howard Neuharth (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dr. Floyd Henry Allport (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dr. Kenneth Ewart Boulding (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Victor Weybright (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dr. Alton Garwood Marshall (Doctor of Laws)

Sen. George Stanley McGovern (Doctor of Laws)

Soia Mentschikoff (Doctor of Laws)


Marty McCarthy (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Preston E. James (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Edward M. Kennedy (Doctor of Laws)

M. Stanton Evans (Doctor of Laws)

Patrick Healy (Doctor of Laws)

Charlotte M. Young (Doctor of Science)


John H. Johnson (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Daniel John Flood (Doctor of Laws)

Nathaniel Rafael Jones (Doctor of Laws)

Sol Myron Linowitz (Doctor of Laws)

Edwin Cornelius Jahn (Doctor of Science)

Howard Hathaway Aiken (Doctor of Science)


Jacqueline Grennan Wexler (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Ramsey Clark (Doctor of Laws)

Whitney Moore Young Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

William R. Fredrickson (Doctor of Science)


Julian Bond (Doctor of Laws)

Alfred Buckley (Doctor of Laws)

Milton Ridvas Konvitz (Doctor of Laws)

William Bennett Kouwenhoven (Doctor of Science)

Louis J. Lefkowitz (Doctor of Laws)

Frank Peter Piskor (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Howard T. Saperston (Doctor of Letters)

U. Thant (Doctor of Laws)

Dwight W. Winkelman (Doctor of Business Administration)


Clark David Ahlberg (Doctor of Laws)

Earl William Brydges (Doctor of Laws)

William Frank Buckley Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Doris Caesar (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Lee Alvin Du Bridge (Doctor of Science)

Richard Vernon Moore (Doctor of Laws)

Edmund Sixtus Muskie (Doctor of Laws)

William Pearson Tolley (Doctor of Laws)

Anthony John Travia (Doctor of Laws)

Ralph Winfred Tyler (Doctor of Laws)


George Wells Beadle (Doctor of Science)

Walter Cronkite (Doctor of Laws)

Eric Henry Faigle (Doctor of Laws)

Leland Boyd Henry (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

M. Eunice Hilton (Freeland Doctor of Laws)

Donald Frederick Hornig (Doctor of Science)


Thomas Campbell Clark (Doctor of Laws)

John McCallister Crawford Jr. (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Frank DelVecchio (Doctor of Laws)

Theodosius Dobzhansky (Doctor of Science)

Abe Fortas (Doctor of Laws)

Stanley Howells Fuld (Doctor of Laws)

Gordon Douglass Hoople (Doctor of Laws)

Orison Swett Marden (Doctor of Laws)

Edward Joseph Mortola (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Casper Noble (Doctor of Laws)

Arthur William Poister (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Lyle Manly Spencer (Doctor of Laws)

James Tobin (Doctor of Laws)

Barbara Ward, Lady Jackson (Doctor of Laws)

William Willard Wirtz (Doctor of Laws)


William Bynum (Doctor of Laws)

Robert E. Dineen (Doctor of Laws)

Jacob Koppel Javits (Doctor of Laws)

Seymour Horace Knox (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Gustave Lehmann Levy (Doctor of Laws)

Edwin Albert Link (Doctor of Science)

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (Doctor of Laws)

Hardy Lomax Shirley (Doctor of Science)

Halsey Stevens (Doctor of Letters)


John T. Connor (Doctor of Laws)

Welthy Honsinger Fisher (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Arthur Joseph Goldberg (Doctor of Laws)

Hubert H. Humphrey Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Harold Lawton Hutton (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

John Willard Milnor (Doctor of Science)

Rosemary Park (Doctor of Letters)

Julius Speer (Doctor of Laws)

Ralph Thomas Walker (Doctor of Letters)


Dr. Terence Edward Cawthorne (Doctor of Laws)

Camilo J. Cela (Doctor of Letters)

Aaron Copland (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Marvin Rood Dye (Doctor of Laws)

John Owen Gross (Doctor of Laws)

Walter Maydole Higley (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

President Lyndon Baines Johnson (Doctor of Laws)

George Henry Lesch (Doctor of Laws)

Earle John Machold (Doctor of Laws)

James Alfred Perkins (Doctor of Laws)


Vincent M. Barnett Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

James Franklin Hyde (Doctor of Science)

Reginald Dickinson Manwell (Doctor of Science)

Drew Middleton (Doctor of Letters)

Frederic Nathaniel Schwartz (Doctor of Laws)

Sir Charles Percy Snow (Doctor of Letters)

Adlai Ewing Stevenson (Doctor of Laws)

Rosemond Tuve (Doctor of Humane Letters)

H. Hiram Weisberg (Doctor of Laws)


John Aloysius Coleman (Doctor of Laws)

Herbert Emmerich (Doctor of Laws)

Henry Jacob Friendly (Doctor of Laws)

George Louis Haller (Doctor of Laws)

Douglas Gilbert Haring (Doctor of Laws)

Lou Russell Maxon (Doctor of Laws)

Sir Edouard Morot (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Erwin Panofsky (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Don K. Price Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Clarence Eugene Ridley (Doctor of Laws)

Jehan Shan Saleh (Doctor of Laws)

Ralph Washington Sockman (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


Howard C. Hirsch (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas Henry Carroll II (Doctor of Laws)

Richard Edwin McArdle (Doctor of Laws)

Laurance Spelman Rockefeller (Doctor of Laws)

Moses Gilbert Hubbard (Doctor of Laws)

Stewart Lee Udall (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas John Watson Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Gordon Norton Ray (Doctor of Letters)

William Ralph Ward Jr. (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Irving Widmer Baily (Doctor of Science)

Ellwood Scott Harrar (Doctor of Science)

Howard Waldron Morgan (Doctor of Science)\

Eino Armas Saari (Doctor of Science)


Henry C. Alexander (Doctor of Laws)

Marian Anderson (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Gaston Berger (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Gilbert Highet (Doctor of Letters)

Cyril Orvin Houle (Doctor of Laws)

Robert Baumle Meyner (Doctor of Laws)

Earl Warren (Doctor of Laws)


Roger M. Blough (Doctor of Laws)

Rudolf K. Bultmann (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Finla Goff Crawford (Doctor of Laws)

Robert Lee Frost (Doctor of Letters)

Frederic Gershom Melcher (Doctor of Letters)

Philip Wilburn Souder (Doctor of Science)

David Barnard Steinman (Doctor of Engineering)

Frank M. Strong (Doctor of Science)


Milton Stover Eisenhower (Doctor of Laws)

William Bayard Heroy (Doctor of Science)

Josephine Holt Perfect Bay (Doctor of Laws)

J.W. Hughes (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Sir Leslie Munro (Doctor of Laws)

Carl Ortwin Sauer (Doctor of Laws)

Commander Sir Robert Gillman Allen Jackson (Doctor of Laws)


Paul Henson Appleby (Doctor of Laws)

Eugene Robert Black (Doctor of Laws)

Louis Brownlow (Doctor of Laws)

Bruce Catton (Doctor of Letters)

William Chapman Foster (Doctor of Laws)

Henry Crown (Doctor of Laws)

Alfred Maximilian Gruenther (Doctor of Laws)

John F. Kennedy (Doctor of Laws)

Frederick Karl Kilian (Doctor of Laws)

Willard Frank Libby (Doctor of Science)

Perry Miller (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Frederick Buckley Newell (Doctor of Laws)

Henry Merritt Wriston (Doctor of Laws)


George Angell (Doctor of Laws)

Carl L. Bausch (Doctor of Laws)

Walter Dewey Cocking (Doctor of Letters)

Norman Cousins (Doctor of Letters)

Frederick Hipp (Doctor of Laws)

Hamilton H. Kellogg (Doctor of Laws)

Helen P. Maney (Doctor of Laws)

Thurgood Marshall (Doctor of Laws)

Joseph William Martin Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Samuel T. Rayburn (Doctor of Laws)

Frances Abrahamson Singer (Doctor of Letters)

F. Gordon Smith (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas Vernor Smith (Doctor of Laws)

John Theobald (Doctor of Laws)


James E. Allen Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Willis Holyoake Booth (Doctor of Laws)

Asa Smith Bushnell (Doctor of Laws)

Pierre Donzelot (Doctor of Laws)

Roscoe Drummond (Doctor of Laws)

Malcolm Philip Ferguson (Doctor of Science)

Marion Bayard Folsom (Doctor of Laws)

William Averell Harriman (Doctor of Laws)

Keith Stratton McHugh (Doctor of Laws)

Albert Bacon Merrill (Doctor of Laws)

Samuel I. Newhouse (Doctor of Laws)

Edward John Noble (Doctor of Laws)

Irving S. Olds (Doctor of Laws)

Alfred Pritchard Sloan (Doctor of Laws)

Frederick Emmons Terman (Doctor of Science)


Philip Sidney Bernstein (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Charles Edward Clark (Doctor of Laws)

Charles S. Desmond (Doctor of Laws)

Stewart Freeman Hancock (Doctor of Laws)

David Dallas Jones (Doctor of Laws)

Grayson Louis Kirk (Doctor of Laws)

Mary Pillsbury Lord (Doctor of Laws)

Agnes Ernst Meyer (Mrs. Eugene Meyer) (Doctor of Laws)

R. Foster Piper (Doctor of Laws)

Adm. Hyman George Rickover (Doctor of Laws)

Harold Edward Stassen (Doctor of Laws)]

Harrison Tweed (Doctor of Laws)

Arthur T. Vanderbilt (Doctor of Laws)

H. Douglass Van Dusen (Doctor of Laws)

Ernest I. White (Doctor of Laws)

H. Lee White (Doctor of Laws)


Paul Shipman Andrews (Doctor of Laws)

Caroline Werner Gannett (Doctor of Laws)

Frank Ernest Gannett (Doctor of Laws)

Robert Livingston Johnson (Doctor of Laws)

Frank C. Laubach (Doctor of Letters)

Charles H. Malik (Humane Letters)

Ruth Stafford Peale (Doctor of Laws)

Robert Ten Broeck Stevens (Doctor of Laws)

William White (Doctor of Laws)


Frederick M. Davenport (Doctor of Laws)

Lee E. Emerson (Doctor of Laws)

Lillian Moller Gilbreth (Doctor of Engineering)

Joseph S. Illick (Doctor of Laws)

Harry T. Levin (Doctor of Letters)

Joseph I. Lubin (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas Raymond McConnell (Humane Letters)

John T. McGovern (Doctor of Laws)

Harold R. Medina (Doctor of Laws)

Margaret Chase Smith (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Henry Tuttle (Doctor of Laws)


Warren Robinson Austin (Doctor of Laws)

Cornelis W. deKiewiet

Governor Hisato Iehimada (Law)

Sir Gladwyn Jebb (Law)

A. Blair Knapp (Doctor of Laws)

Trygve Halvdan Lie (Doctor of Laws)

Dimitri Mitropoulos (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Frank Pace Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

M. Lyle Spencer (Doctor of Letters)

Jeanette Kittredge Watson (Humane Letters)

Herman G. Weiskotten (Doctor of Science)


Frank Bryant (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas Knight Finletter (Doctor of Laws)

Sydney F. Foster (Doctor of Laws)

Benjamin Friedman (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Paul G. Hoffman (Doctor of Laws)

Albert C. Jacobs (Doctor of Laws)

Katharine Sibley (Doctor of Humane Letters)

James E. Webb (Doctor of Laws)


Elizabeth Nightingale Graham Arden (Doctor of Laws)

Ralph Johnson Bunche (Doctor of Laws)

Albert Conway (Doctor of Laws)

Nathaniel Lawrence Goldstein (Doctor of Laws)

Livingston W. Houston (Doctor of Laws)

Mark Arthur May (Doctor of Laws)

Lester Bowles Pearson (Doctor of Laws)

Virgil Thompson (Doctor of Fine Arts)


Albert Conway (Law)

Alexander II. Cowie (Doctor of Laws)

Juliana Force (Fine Arts)

James William Fulbright (Doctor of Laws)

Paul Hoy Helms (Doctor of Laws)

Frank Charles Moore (Doctor of Laws)

Lewis Ketchum Sillcox (Doctor of Laws)

Adrian Van Sinderen (Doctor of Humane Letters)


Wells Ira Bennett (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Howard S. Cullman (Doctor of Laws)

Frank D. Fackenthal (Doctor of Laws)

Ruth A. Haas (Doctor of Laws)

Norman J.O. Makin (Doctor of Laws)

John Jay McCloy (Doctor of Laws)

Dorothy Shaver (Doctor of Laws)

Harry A. Winne (Doctor of Science)


Frank W. Abrams (Doctor of Laws)

Joseph Hurst Ball (Doctor of Laws)

James Phinney Baxter (Doctor of Letters)

Sarah Blanding (Doctor of Laws)

Harold L. Butler (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Alex H. Cowie (Doctor of Laws)

Major-General P. Hawley (Law)

F. Cyril James (Doctor of Laws)

Mary E. Jenkins (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Charles Albert Kirk (Doctor of Laws)

John T. Loughran (Doctor of Laws)

Chester W. Nimitz (Laws)

Lucile Petry (Doctor of Laws)

William P. Tolley (Humane Letters)

Jacob Cloyd Tressler (Doctor of Pedagogy)

M. Lesley West (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Charles Edward Wilson (Doctor of Laws)


Wayman Adams (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Horace A. Eaton (Doctor of Letters)

William B. Hodge (Doctor of Laws)

Charles F. Kettering (Doctor of Science)

Henry R. Luce (Doctor of Letters)

Francis McCurn (Doctor of Laws)

Perley O. Place (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Howard J. White (Doctor of Laws)


Samuel P. Capen (Doctor of Laws)

Harley N. Crosby (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Lee Raper (Doctor of Laws)

Samuel Newton Spring (Doctor of Laws)

Deems Taylor (Doctor of Music)

Chen Wen-yuan (Doctor of Laws)


Guy W. Cox (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Helen Hayes (Mrs. Charles MacArthur) (Doctor of Letters)

Dr. Charles Hurd (Doctor of Science)

Justice Robert H. Jackson (Doctor of Laws)

Judge Irving Lehman (Doctor of Laws)

Admiral Ross T. McIntire (Doctor of Science)

Bishop Malcolm E. Peabody (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Dr. William M. Smallwood (Doctor of Science)

Kathryn H. Starbuck (Doctor of Laws)


Myron E. Adams (Doctor of Laws)

Lord Halifax

Elbert Henry Gary (Doctor of Laws)

Winifred J. Hughes (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Albert Kahn (Fine Arts)

Rev. Dr. Edgar A. Lowther (Divinity)

Alfred Noyes (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Wilbur Branbley Rayton (Doctor of Science)

Jacob Robert Rubin (Doctor of Laws)

Carl Sandburg (Doctor of Literature)

Philip Walburn Souder (Doctor of Laws)

Carlos Martino Pereirae Sousa (Doctor of Laws)

Lewis A. Wilson (Doctor of Laws)


Howard Edward Babcock (Doctor of Laws)

Leonard Walter Brockington (Doctor of Laws)

John Stewart Bryan (Doctor of Laws)

Elmer Grimshaw Butler (Doctor of Science)

Norman Bel Geddes (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Helen Rogers Reid (Mrs. Ogden) (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Alfred Dexter Simpson (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Samuel Geiss Trexler (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Algre Luman Ward (Doctor of Science)


George Young Benton (Doctor of Divinity)

Wilbur Henry Fleck (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Carl Alfred Kallgren (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Samuel Burman Long (Doctor of Divinity)

Jason John Nassau (Doctor of Science)

Lorimer Wilson Rich (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Charles Brown Sears (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas John Watson (Doctor of Laws)

Owen D. Young (Doctor of Laws)


Frank Lee Benns (Doctor of Letters)

Burton P. Fowler (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Frederic William Goudy (Doctor of Humane Letters)

George Thomas Hargitt (Doctor of Science)

Jonas Lie (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Christopher J. McCombe (Doctor of Divinity)

Ellsworth Charles Reamon (Doctor of Divinity)

Sen. Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg (Doctor of Laws)


James William Wilson (Doctor of Divinity)

Luther Wesley Smith (Doctor of Divinity)

Louis John Gill (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Harry James Carmen (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Mary Emma Jenkins

John Lord O'Brian (Doctor of Laws)

Herbert Henry Lehman (Doctor of Laws)

Frank Allen Patterson (Doctor of Letters)

Charles Packard (Doctor of Science)

Ferdinand Augustus Silcox (Law)


Richard Bonelli (Doctor of Music)

Alfred P. Coman (Doctor of Divinity)

Ezra Edmund Day (Doctor of Laws)

Judge Edmund H. Lewis (Doctor of Laws)

Lynn J.D. Radcliffe (Doctor of Divinity)

(Arthur) Fremont Rider (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Eugene R. Smith (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Dorothy Thompson Lewis (Doctor of Humane Letters)

George A. Wilson (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


Dr. William L. Bray (Doctor of Science)

Hon. Frederick Howard Bryant (Doctor of Laws)

Rev. Edmund Bigelow Chaffee (Doctor of Divinity)

Rev. Norman Weaver Clemens (Doctor of Divinity)

Dr. Albert S. Hurst (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Dr. Merritte Weber Ireland (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. Harold Glenn Moulton (Doctor of Laws)

Commissioner Lithgow Osborne (Doctor of Laws)

Gen. John J. Pershing (Doctor of Laws)

Harry Lathrop Reed (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


William H. Alderson (Doctor of Divinity)

Alexander Clarence Flick (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Irving G. Hubbs (Doctor of Laws)

Albert G. Judd (Doctor of Divinity)

Henry Morganthau Sr. (Doctor of Laws)

Dave Hennen Morris (Doctor of Laws)

Walter Albert Patrick (Doctor of Science)

Sir Josiah Stamp (Doctor of Laws)

Alan Chester Valentine (Doctor of Laws)


Dwight James Baum (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Hon. Robert Woods Bliss (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. Richard Clarke Cabot (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dr. Harvey Cushing (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. Joseph Bartlett Eastman (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. Dixon Ryan Fox (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Rev. Raymond Howard Huse (Doctor of Divinity)

George F. Johnson (Doctor of Business Administration)

Dr. Ludwig Kast (Doctor of Science)

Dean Edward Henry Kraus (Doctor of Laws)

Hon.Eugene Meyeer (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. Eugene Meyer (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. Cameron Morrison (Doctor of Laws)

Rev. Robert Park (Doctor of Divinity)

Dr. Thomas Parran Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. Florence Rena Sabin (Doctor of Science)


Ernest I. Barott (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Rev. Walter Russell Bowie (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Rev. Fred Pierce Corson (Doctor of Divinity)

Frederick Trubee Davison (Doctor of Laws)

Mark Graves (Doctor of Laws)

Walter Dougherty Hampden (Doctor of Letters)

Bishop Francis J. McConnell (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Dr. Ismar John Peritz (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

David Moore Robinson (Doctor of Letters)

Charles S. Skilton (Doctor of Music)

William Hartman Woodin (Doctor of Music)


Richard Bedford Bennett (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Wallace E. Brown (Divinity)

Allan Knight Chalmers (Doctor of Divinity)

William D. Herridge (Doctor of Laws)

Anna Hyatt Huntington (Fine Arts)

Adna Wright Leonard (Divinity)

Maj. General Hanford MacNider (Doctor of Laws)

Cassius Miller (Doctor of Divinity)

James Harrison Olmstead (Doctor of Divinity)

John Russell Pope (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Frederick William Schlieder (Doctor of Music)

Robert Steward Spencer (Doctor of Divinity)

Chih Ping Wang (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


Judge Leonard Callender Crouch (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. William James Durant (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Rev. Lloyd Ellis Foster (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Dana Gibson (Doctor of Fine Arts)

John Adams Kingsbury (Doctor of Laws)

Rev. Fred Eli Lott (Doctor of Divinity)

Dean William Henry Metzler (Doctor of Science)

Alice Vanderbilt S. Morris (Doctor of Letters)

Senator Dwight Whitney Morrow (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Rev. Norman Vincent Peale (Doctor of Divinity)

Anne Virena Rice (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

George W. Wickersham (Doctor of Civil Laws)


George Hopkins Bond (Doctor of Laws)

Lucius Hatfield Bugbee (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Orator Fuller Cook Jr. (Doctor of Science)

Col. William Joseph Donovan (Doctor of Laws)

Bishop Charles Fiske (Doctor of Literature)

Hon. Franklin Pierrepont Graves (Doctor of Laws)

Rev. Frederick Herman Knubel (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Ivar Kreuger (Business Administration)

Bishop Adna Wright Leonard (Doctor of Laws)

Rev. Cleland Boyd McAfee (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Prof. William Lyon Phelps (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Fred B. Smith (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise (Doctor of Laws)


Charles Beach Atwell (Doctor of Science)

William Butterworth (Doctor of Business Administration)

Judge Ernest Issac Edgcomb (Doctor of Laws)

Col. Frederick Stuart Greene (Doctor of Engineering)

William Mathews Hekking (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Alanson Bigelow Houghton (Doctor of Laws)

John Harold Morecroft (Doctor of Science)

Ellery Sedwick (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Dr. Frank Holcomb Shaw (Doctor of Music)

Herr Frederick Wilhelm von Prittwitz und Gaffron (Doctor of Laws)


Hugh Lincoln Cooper (Doctor of Engineering)

Dean Samuel Trask Dana (Doctor of Science)

Pres. W.P. Few (Doctor of Laws)

Judge Clarence Norton Goodwin (Doctor of Laws)

Dean Harold Hanson (Doctor of Music)

Eli Stanley Jones (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Omar Edgar Jones (Doctor of Divinity)

Arthur William Loasby (Doctor of Business Administration)

Dean Albert Russell Mann (Doctor of Science)

Edward Fitz Randolph (Doctor of Divinity)

Everett Pepperbell Smith (Doctor of Divinity)

Justice Harlan F. Stone (Doctor of Civil Laws)


Col. W. McCarthy Acheson (Doctor of Engineering)

Pres. Arlo Ayres Brown (Doctor of Laws)

Col. William Buckoute Greeley (Doctor of Science)

Walter Earl Ledden (Doctor of Divinity)

Frederick Douglas Losey (Doctor of Literature)

Roderick Nathaniel Matson (Doctor of Laws)

Hon. John Francis O'Brien (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. Daniel Alfred Poling (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

James Brown Scott (Doctor of Laws)

Jeanette Scott (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Col. Henry Lewis Stimson (Doctor of Laws)

Dr. James Sullivan (Doctor of Laws)

Wilson Edward Tanner (Doctor of Divinity)

Daniel Willard (Doctor of Business Administration)


Clara Bradley Burdette (Law)

George Sherwood Connell (Doctor of Divinity)

Patrick Edward Crowley (Doctor of Business Administration)

John Newton Davies (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

William Edgar Gilroy (Doctor of Letters)

Howard Barberich Hagemen (Doctor of Divinity)

Arthur T. Hannett (Doctor of Laws)

Elmer Ellsworth Helms (Sacred Theology)

Adna Wright Leonard (Scared Theology)

James Henry MacDonald (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Clayton Morrison (Doctor of Letters)

Sir Henry Thornton (Doctor of Laws)

Harlan Updegraff (Doctor of Laws)

Willis Rodney Whitney (Doctor of Science)


Robert Bruce (Doctor of Divinity)

Emile Daeschner (Doctor of Laws)

Professor Davies (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Rev. E.E. Helms (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Charles Wesley Iglehart (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Lathrop Pack (Business Administration)

William Harrison Powers (Doctor of Divinity)

Homer Fuller Titus (Doctor of Divinity)

Horatio Burt Williams (Doctor of Science)


Julius Barnes (Doctor of Business Administration)

William Bondy (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Henry Solon Graves (Law)

A.A. Jaynes (Doctor of Divinity)

Rev. W. Gray Jones (Divinity)

Rev. Halford E. Luccock (Divinity)

Rev. Ralph M. Pierce (Divinity)

Edward Porter (Sacred Theology)

Herbert John Quick (Doctor of Letters)

Frank M. Smalley (Law)

Szo Ke Alfred Sze (Doctor of Laws)

Ray Lyman Wilbur (Doctor of Science)


Herbert J. Burgstahler (Doctor of Divinity)

Robert Burri (Science)

Royal S. Copeland (Doctor of Laws)

W. Wolford T. Duncan (Doctor of Divinity)

Joseph M.M. Gray (Doctor of Letters)

Charles John Colwell Hastings (Science)

Haakon Issaacen (Science)

Sigurd Orla Jensen (Science)

Gerald Leighton (Science)

Cesare Longobardi (Law)

Edwin Markham (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Charles Porcher (Science)

Masayoshi Sato (Science)

John Alfred Sharp (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Sir Arnold Theiler (Science)

Hubert Everett Van Norman (Law)

Robert Stenhouse Williams (Science)


Mary Raymond Andrews (Letters)

William Shankland Andrews (Law)

Lyford S. Boyd (Divinity)

George A. Bronson (Divinity)

Dan Brearly Brummitt (Humane Letters)

Samuel Parke Cadman (Law)

Samuel J. Clarkson (Divinity)

Bernard Chancellor Clausen (Divinity)

Charles Whitney Coombs (Doctor of Music)

Darius Alton Davis (Humane Letters)

Armand Vittorio Diaz (Law)

Leon F. Haley (Divinity)

Charles Wesley Hargitt (Doctor of Science)

William J. Hart (Divinity)

Frank Durbin Hartsock (Divinity)

George G. Hollingshead (Divinity)

George A. MacDonald (Doctor of Divinity)

William Ralph Maxon (Doctor of Science)

Hugh McKeag (Doctor of Divinity)

George Robson Mott (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles S. Oakley (Doctor of Divinity)

Frederick Palladino (Doctor of Divinity)

Ernest Noble Pattee (Doctor of Science)

Ismar John Peritz (Literature of Letters)

Jean Marie Richards (Doctor of Letters)

Irene Sargent (Doctor of Letters)

George A. Slater (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Charles Wesley Tooke (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Frank Robinson Walker (Civil Laws)

Herbert E. Wright (Doctor of Divinity)


Howard G. Andrews (Doctor of Divinity)

S. Dwight Arms (Doctor of Science)

William D. Baker (Doctor of Science)

Clarence A. Barbour (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Jerome D. Barnum (Master of Arts)

George M. Bell (Doctor of Divinity)

Belle Louise Brewster (Master of Music)

Victor S. Britten (Doctor of Divinity)

Wallace E. Brown (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William M. Calder (Doctor of Laws)

Arthur M. Evans (Master of Arts)

Welthy Honsinger-Blakeslee Fisher (Master of Arts)

Elbert H. Gary (Doctor of Laws)

D.B. Holt (Doctor of Divinity)

Harvey Orrin Hutchinson (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Willard R. Jillson (Doctor of Science)

Mary Augusta Jordan (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Frederick D. Leete (Doctor of Humane Letters)

David B. Matthews (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Cardinal Mercier (Humane Letters)

Edwin E. Merring (Doctor of Divinity)

Albert Osborn (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Edward Alexander Powell (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Harry Emery Pratt (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Samuel W. Robinson (Doctor of Divinity)

Vittorio Rolandi Ricci (Doctor of Laws)

E.J. Rosengrant (Doctor of Divinity)

Alexander Russell (Doctor of Music)

Hurlbut W. Smith (Master of Arts)

Arnon L. Squires (Doctor of Laws)

Allen S. Whitney (Doctor of Laws)


Myron E. Adams (Doctor of Divinity)

William Beauchamp (Doctor of Laws)

Harry B. Belcher (Doctor of Divinity)

W.W. Bellinger (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Bolton Colt Brown (Doctor of Letters In Art)

William M. Caldwell (Doctor of Divinity)

Edith Stabo Cave (Master of Letters)

Lewis B. Chaloux (Doctor of Divinity)

Elizabeth M. Chapin (Master of Letters)

Charles N. Cobb (Doctor of Philosophy)

William Miller Collier (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Phillip Cooper (Doctor of Science)

Richard T. Cuthbert (Doctor of Divinity)

Sylvanus S. Davis (Doctor of Divinity)

William Allen Dyer (Master of Arts)

Clarence Ransom Edwards (Doctor of Laws)

Edgar Alfred Emens (Doctor of Letters)

John F. Fitzgerald (Doctor of Letters)

Charles Stuart Gager (Doctor of Science)

Alfred J. Higgins (Doctor of Divinity)

William H. Hill (Doctor of Laws)

Lyman P. Hitchcock (Doctor of Divinity)

Arthur S. Hurrell (Doctor of Philosophy)

Charles X. Hutchinson (Doctor of Divinity)

Frederick T. Keeney (Doctor of Laws)

Florence E.S. Knapp (Bachelor of Science in Education)

Edward Kraus (Doctor of Science)

Edgar A. Lowther (Doctor of Divinity)

John Murdock MacInnis (Doctor of Letters)

Edward A. Martin (Doctor of Divinity)

Clarence Paul McClelland (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Frederick A. Miller (Doctor of Divinity)

George Hunter Myers (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles H. Newing (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles H. Olmstead (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles G. Rogers (Doctor of Science)

Levi L. Sprague (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Everett E. Thompson (Letters)

James William Toumay (Doctor of Science)

William H. Wakeham (Doctor of Divinity)

George M. Wiley (Doctor of Laws)

Locie D. Woodmancy (Doctor of Divinity)


Albert E. Angell (Doctor of Divinity)

Lewis E. Carter (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles M. Courboin (Master of Music)

Lee F. DeForrest (Doctor of Science)

George Willis Gardner (Doctor of Divinity)

Alfred Covell Goodwin (Master of Music)

Mortimer P. Griffen (Doctor of Divinity)

James A. Hensey (Doctor of Divinity)

Allen L. Hobart (Doctor of Divinity)

John Benedict Howe (Doctor of Letters)

Edwin Taylor Iglehart (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Daniel J. Kelleg (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Veranus Alva Moore (Doctor of Science)

Jane Bancroft Robinson (Doctor of Laws)

Frank M. Williams (Master of Civil Engineering)

Raymond Sterring Wilson (Master of Music)


Henry C. Allen (Master of Civil Engineering)

Albert Perry Brigham (Doctor of Science)

Benjamin Copeland (Doctor of Systematic Theology)

Frederick H. Deming (Doctor of Divinity)

William E. Doughty (Doctor of Divinity)

Abram I. Elkus (Doctor of Laws)

H.H. Hadley (Doctor of Divinity)

George E. Hutchings (Doctor of Divinity)

Chester C. Marshall (Doctor of Divinity)

Nathan L. Miller (Doctor of Laws)

Edmund S. Mills (Doctor of Letters)

Paul M. Paine (Doctor of Letters)

David M. Totman (Doctor of Public Health)

Ulysses Grant Warren (Doctor of Divinity)


Adelaide Alsop-Robineau (Doctor of Science in Ceramic Art)

Thomas Henry Baragwanath (Doctor of Divinity)

George William Grinton (Doctor of Divinity)

Clarence Hawkes (Master of Letters)

Gladstone Holm (Doctor of Divinity)

Salem Hyde (Master of Arts)

Pauline Jennings (Master of Letters)

Eugene Howard Joy (Doctor of Divinity)

Albert Ernest Legg (Doctor of Divinity)

William Dodge Lewis (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Francis Joseph Miller (Bachelor of Arts)

Frank Robinson Walker (Doctor of Civil Laws)

John Daniel Wells (Master of Arts)

Charles Seymour Whitman (Doctor of Laws)


Chauncy Loomis Allen (Doctor of Science)

William James Beal (Doctor of Agriculture)

Richard E. Bell (Doctor of Divinity)

Ernest W. Bsyche (Doctor of Divinity)

Henry Franklin Cutler (Doctor of Civil Laws)

George C. Douglass (Doctor of Divinity)

Herman Horatio Downey (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Fiske (Doctor of Laws)

John W. Laird (Doctor of Divinity)

William Harrison Mace (Doctor of Laws)

A.J. Matthews (Doctor of Laws)

Arthur Henry Norton (Doctor of Pedagogy)

Rolph L. Watts (Doctor of Agriculture)

Harry Early Woolever (Doctor of Divinity)


Arthur Daniel Barry (Doctor of Divinity)

Samuel Collier (Divinity)

James R. Day (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Howard Perry Denison (Doctor of Laws)

Henry L. Esner (Doctor of Laws)

Charles L. Hall (Doctor of Divinity)

Carl Tracy Hawley (M.P.)

Percy Merideth Hughes (Doctor of Philosophy)

Thomas J. Irwin (Letters)

Duane C. Johnson (Doctor of Divinity)

Simpson Johnson (Divinity)

Benjamin B. Ripley (Doctor of Divinity)

Cornelia Bentley Sage (Doctor of Letters)

Frederick William Schlieder (Master of Music)

Joseph Carl Selter (Master of Music)

Jonathan LeMoyne Snyder (Doctor of Agriculture)

Harry Leonard Vibbard (Master of Music)

Ernest Lynn Waldorf (Doctor of Divinity)

Ralph L. Watts (Agriculture)


George Gray Atwood (Doctor of Science)

Charles Scott Deming (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Gideon Frank Draper (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Charles Major Eddy (Doctor of Divinity)

E.L. French (Doctor of Science)

Martin H. Glynn (Doctor of Laws)

Mary Wolcott Greene (Doctor of Letters)

William E. Hamlin (Doctor of Sciene in Civil Engineering)

Frank Harris Hiscock (Doctor of Laws)

Harry Y. Murkland (Doctor of Divinity)

Philip Harrison Riegel (Doctor of Divinity)

George Fletcher Shepherd (Doctor of Divinity)

George Keiser Statham (Doctor of Divinity)

John Edson Sweet (Engineering)

James S. Whipple (Doctor of Science)

William Henry Yard (Doctor of Divinity)


Albert D. Angell (Doctor of Divinity)

William Burt (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William Henry Coates (Master of Letters)

Frederick H. Coman (Doctor of Divinity)

George P. Eckman (Doctor of Laws)

Thomas Albert Fenton (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Wallace Harold Finch (Doctor of Divinity)

Albert C. Fulton (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Richmond H. Gesner (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

John Greene (Doctor of Letters)

Hough Houston (Divinity)

Eben S. Johnson (Doctor of Divinity)

Louis Marshall (Doctor of Laws)

Andrew Schriver (Doctor of Divinity)

Earl Dorman Shepard (Doctor of Divinity)

Ezra Squire Tipple (Doctor of Laws)


William S. Andrews (Doctor of Laws)]

William Berwald (Music)

Edward Huntington Coley (Sacred Theology)

Franklin Wallace Collins (Civil Laws)

Fred Lamond Decker (Divinity)

W.R. Ferriss (Doctor of Divinity)

Adolph Fray (Music)

Samuel Joesph Greenfield (Divinity)

C. F. Kent (Doctor of Letters)

Mrs. Eloise Holden Nottingham (Mrs.William) (Doctor of Letters)

Eugene Hoffman Porter (Public Health)

Hebert F. Randolph (Divinity)

Alfredo Taglialatela (Divinity)

Frank David Torrey (Divinity)

Stafford John Thomas Wardle (Sacred Theology)

Luther Barton Wilson (Humane Letters)


William Burt (Doctor of Laws)

Michael Clune (Law)

James Empringham (Scared Theology)

Adelbert C. Fanning (Law)

Theron Remsen Green (Divinity)

Martin Augustine Knapp (Law)

Clifton Henry Mix (Doctor of Divinity)

John Wesley Nicholson (Doctor of Divinity)

John Walker Powell (Doctor of Divinity)

William Renwick Riddell (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Irene Sargent (Master of Literature)


Ray Allen (Doctor of Divinity)

Lewis Boss (Doctor of Science)

George Finley Bovard (Doctor of Laws)

William Henry Crawshaw (Doctor of Laws)

Clement Carrington Gaines (Doctor of Laws)

Benoni I. Ives (Doctor of Humane Letters)

John Sayre Marshall (Doctor of Science)

Edwin Nottingham (Doctor of Laws)

Silas Everard Quimby (Doctor of Divinity)

Harold Dickinson Senior (Doctor of Science)

Charles Drake Skinner (Doctor of Divinity)

Edward Burdette Topping (Doctor of Divinity)

Frank Dunwell Walter (Doctor of Divinity)


Charles Andrews (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Wallace Elias Brown (Doctor of Divinity)

Harry James Carman (Humane Letters)

Liverus Hull Dorchester (Doctor of Divinity)

John A. Hamilton (Doctor of Divinity)

Arthur Jamieson (Doctor of Divinity)

Belva Ann Lockwood (Doctor of Laws)

George Edwin MacLean (Doctor of Laws)

Albert Edward Piper (Doctor of Divinity)

Jeanette Scott (Master of Painting)

John Albert Sleicher (Doctor of Laws)

Luella Stewart (Master of Painting)


Francis Dunlap Gamewell (Doctor of Laws)

George Hasbrouck Haigh (Doctor of Divinity)

John Albertson Ingham (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Joseph Little (Doctor of Humane Letters)

William Henry Meredith (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Ward Platt (Doctor of Divinity)

David Smith Spencer (Doctor of Divinity)

Bertrand Marttin Tipple (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Lorenzo Walsworth (Doctor of Divinity)


Daniel Pratt Baldwin (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Edmund Alden Burnham (Doctor of Divinity)

Homer J. Eaton (Doctor of Laws)

Charles K. Jenness (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Larew Mead (Doctor of Divinity)

Alexander Ross Merriam (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

William Morris Sterling (Doctor of Divinity)

Dewitt Burton Thompson (Doctor of Divinity)

Francis Newton Thorpe (Doctor of Laws)

John Heston Willey (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


James W.A. Dodge (Doctor of Divinity)

Augustus S. Downing (Doctor of Laws)

Dewitt C. Huntington (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Henry Herbert Murdock (Doctor of Divinity)

Leonard Colburn Murdock (Doctor of Divinity)

William Courtland Robinson (Doctor of Divinity)

Frank S. Rowland (Doctor of Divinity)

Lucien M. Underwood (Doctor of Laws)

William Kerr Wickes (Pd. D)


Fred Winslow Adams (Doctor of Divinity)

Joseph F. Berry (Doctor of Laws)

James Monroe Buckley (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Herbert Guibord Coddington (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Henry Fowler (Doctor of Humane Letters)

James R. Joy (Doctor of Letters)

William Kent (Doctor of Science)

George Clarke Peck (Doctor of Divinity)

Orville C. Poland (Doctor of Divinity)

Roscoe Sanderson (Doctor of Divinity)

David Eugene Smith (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Macaulay Stuart (Doctor of Letters)


Augustus J. Bucher (Doctor of Divinity)

Arthur Copeland (Doctor of Divinity)\

Herman Gustav Dattan (Doctor of Divinity)]

William Grant Egbert (Master of Music)

Charles A. Gardiner (Doctor of Civil Laws)

J. Wesley Johnston (Doctor of Letters)

Lillian Littlehales (Master of Music)

Ezekiel Wilson Mundy (Doctor of Letters)

Edwin Pitman Stevens (Doctor of Divinity)

William Harman Van Allen (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Isaac Harrison Whittier Wharff (Doctor of Divinity)


Frank David Boynton (Doctor of Philosophy)

Edgar Huntington Brown (Doctor of Divinity)

Lewin Frank Buell (Doctor of Divinity)

Richard Grant Calthrop (Master of Music)

Hamlin Elisha Cogswell (Master of Music)

Ernst Carl Eberhardt Held (Doctor of Music)

Eugene Henry Howard (Master of Arts)

Edwin Holt Hughes (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

William Edwards Huntington (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Frederick DeLand Leete (Doctor of Divinity)

William Nottingham (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Tyler Olmstead (Doctor of Civil Laws)

Francis Bourne Upham (Doctor of Divinity)


Robert Baird (Doctor of Laws)

Conrad Louis Becker (Master of Music)

William Henry Berwald (Master of Music)

Andrew Burr Blodgett (Pd. B)

Melvil Dewey (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Eddy (Doctor of Divinity)

Adolph Frey (Master of Music)

David Henry Hanaburgh (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

William Sheppard Jones (Doctor of Divinity)

William Dixon Marsh (Doctor of Divinity)

Isaac Buchanan Poucher (Pd. B)

William Patton Stevenson (Doctor of Divinity)


Rev. Milton Dana Buck (Divinity)

Rev. George Peck Eckman (Divinity)

Charles Elbert Hamilton (Doctor of Divinity)

Bennett Wertz Huchinson (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Frederick Thomas Keeney (Doctor of Divinity)

Benjamin Barker Odell Jr. (Doctor of Laws)

Leon Harry Vincent (Doctor of Letters)

Nacy McGee Waters (Doctor of Divinity)


George Henry Bridgman (Doctor of Laws)

Samuel Robert Calthrop (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Theron Cooper (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Valentine Grismer (Doctor of Divinity)

Joseph Franklin Haley (Doctor of Divinity)

Peter Christian Lutkin (Doctor of Music)

Curtis Elliott Mogg (Doctor of Divinity)

Lincoln Elliott Rowley (Master of Arts)

Charles Freemont Sitterly (Doctor of Sacred Theology)


John Scott Clark (Doctor of Letters)

Richard Edwin Day (Doctor of Letters)

Dewitt Clinton Huntington (Doctor of Laws)

David F. Pierce (Doctor of Divinity)

John H. Race (Doctor of Divinity)

Elmer Ellsworth Smiley (Doctor of Divinity)

Ezra Squire Tipple (Doctor of Divinity)

William Francis Whitlock (Doctor of Laws)


Nicholas Murray Butler (Doctor of Laws)

Samuel Parkes Cadman (Doctor of Divinity)

William Edgar Clarke (Doctor of Divinity)

Ebenezer Herman Latimer (Doctor of Divinity)

James Duane Phelps (Doctor of Divinity)

Waldo Selden Pratt (Doctor of Music)


John G. Eckman (Doctor of Divinity)

Stephen J. Herben (Doctor of Letters)

William Dewitt Hyde (Doctor of Laws)

Charles Wesley McCormick (Doctor of Divinity)

Reuben Dewitt Munger (Doctor of Divinity)

Irving Goodwin Vann (Doctor of Laws)


James Yeoman Bates (Doctor of Divinity)

John W. Blaisdell (Doctor of Divinity)

Olin Burr Coit (Doctor of Divinity)

John Bartlit Foote (Doctor of Divinity)

Benjamin Henry Ripton (Doctor of Laws)

John Stevens (Doctor of Letters)


Maltbie Davenport Babcock (Doctor of Divinity)

Benjamin Wisner Bacon (Doctor of Letters)

John Storey Breckenridge (Doctor of Divinity)

Ron Brooks (Doctor of Civil Laws)

David Weston Gates (Doctor of Divinity)

Wilson F. Morse (Doctor of Music)

Carroll E. Smith (Doctor of Laws)

James Martin Yeager (Doctor of Divinity)


Austin Griffin (Doctor of Divinity)

Frederick Dan Huntington (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Willaim H. Mickle (Doctor of Divinity)

William Henry Reese (Doctor of Divinity)

George Burleigh Spalding (Doctor of Laws)

Richard Weatley (Doctor of Laws)

Stewart Lyndon Woodford (Doctor of Civil Laws)


George Fisk Comfort (Doctor of Laws)

Benjamin Bloomfield Loomis (Doctor of Divinity)

George Albert Parker (Doctor of Music)

Arthur Benton Sanford (Doctor of Divinity)

Wilbur Fletcher Steele (Doctor of Divinity)


Percy Goetchius (Doctor of Music)

James Benjamin Kenyon (Doctor of Letters)

Oram Howard McAnulty (Doctor of Divinity)

Esther Baker Steele (Doctor of Letters)

Charles Wesley Winchester (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Sherman Wing (Doctor of Divinity)


Edward Newman Packard (Doctor of Divinity)

John W. Thompson (Doctor of Divinity)

Carlton Cyrenus Wilbor (Doctor of Divinity)

Warner Miller (Doctor of Laws)


George M. Colville (Doctor of Divinity)

Nicholas H. Holmes (Doctor of Divinity)

St. Clair McKelway (Doctor of Laws)

John Sugdon (Doctor of Divinity)


John H. Coleman (Doctor of Divinity)

Henry Darwin Didama (Doctor of Laws)

George Preston Mains (Doctor of Divinity)

Helen F. Smith (Doctor of Letters)

David W. Thomas (Doctor of Divinity)


Lafayette Congdon (Doctor of Divinity)

George Herbert Dryer (Doctor of Divinity)


Charles Wesley Bennett (Doctor of Laws)

William Cornforth (Doctor of Divinity)

Oscar Allen Houghton (Doctor of Divinity)

Alexander Harrison Tuttle (Doctor of Divinity)

Melville Reuben Webster (Doctor of Divinity)


Charles C. Creegan (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Howard Dunton (Doctor of Divinity)

Napthali Luccock (Doctor of Divinity)

William North Rice (Doctor of Laws)


Henry King Carroll (Doctor of Laws)

Gilbert Holmes Gregory (Doctor of Divinity)

Albert H. Palmer (Doctor of Divinity)


William R. Benham (Doctor of Divinity)

Nathaniel C. Husted (Doctor of Laws)

Rodman H. Robinson (Doctor of Divinity)


Henry Graham (Doctor of Divinity)

Jesse Lyman Hurlbut (Doctor of Divinity)

William C. Ruger (Doctor of Laws)

Richard Wheatley (Doctor of Divinity)


Eli Converse Bruce (Doctor of Divinity)

John Talbot Gracey (Doctor of Divinity)

Aaron Ketchum Sanford (Doctor of Divinity)

William J. Wallace (Doctor of Laws)


John Alabaster (Doctor of Divinity)

George H. Corey (Doctor of Divinity)

John Morrison Reid (Doctor of Laws)

Henry Spellmeyer (Doctor of Divinity)


James Watkins Alderman (Doctor of Divinity)

Gideon Draper (Doctor of Divinity)

Isaac Gibbard (Doctor of Divinity)

John Clark Ridpath (Doctor of Laws)


Isaac Sabin Bingham (Doctor of Divinity)

George Henry Bridgman (Doctor of Divinity)

Homer J. Eaton (Doctor of Divinity)


William Penn Abbott (Doctor of Divinity)

Daniel Curry (Doctor of Laws)

Frank Lionel Curtis (Master of Music)

Charles Henry Fowler (Doctor of Laws)

William H. Olin (Doctor of Divinity)

Charles Franklin Webber (Master of Music)


David Copeland (Doctor of Divinity)

William Heinrich Schultze (Doctor of Music)

Orris H. Warren (Doctor of Divinity)


George Lansing Taylor (Doctor of Divinity)

Winfield Scott Smyth (Doctor of Philosophy)

Henry Randall Waite (Doctor of Philosophy)

E.V. DeGraff (Master of Arts)

Ellen Sargent (Master of Arts)

Guilpord Wiley Wells (Master of Arts)


Augustus Field Beard (Doctor of Divinity)

Elijah Horr Jr. (Master of Arts)

Ross C. Houghton (Master of Arts)

Lorenzo D. McCabe (Doctor of Laws)


Michael John Cramer (Doctor of Divinity)

Rev. Ammi B. Hyde (Divinity)


James Harman Hoose (Doctor of Philosophy)