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Sept. 28, 2020, 8:49 a.m.
Six tips to help you along the process!
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by Giovanna R. Colosi, Librarian for the School of Education

Tip #1  Refine your research topic

Choosing your topic is the first step in the research process. There may be times when the general topic is chosen for you, and other times you will have the flexibility to choose one of your liking.  Either way it may not be an easy process.  It must be narrow and unique enough to be interesting, yet broad enough for you to find sufficient information.

Begin researching with “broad” resources such as encyclopedias and Google to familiarize yourself with the subject more and better understand your topic.

Keep in mind certain things like the length of your paper, the number of citations required, and how much time you have to research.

Tip #2 Begin your search

Use the Syracuse Libraries website to locate books/eBooks, journals, periodicals, newspapers, and other types of media. We have several databases to help you with your search. You may also check with your school or college librarian’s research guide.  These guides are curated by our librarians based on subject specific areas.  

Tip #3 Carefully choose your search terms

Example: Child* Retrieves child, child’s, childhood, children, etc.

Tip #4  Carefully and correctly cite your sources

Tip #5  Critically evaluate the information that you find

Tip #6  Obtain help when you need it

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