September 2019 News Wrap Up

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Oct. 1, 2019, 11:30 a.m.
New exhibits, new acquisitions and recent events.
“A white sweatshirt with an embroidered orange letter ‘S’ and an orange textile stating “Syracuse” on top of a brown table.

By Colleen Theisen, Chief Curator

September and October are the busiest months of the year for classroom visits in the Special Collections Research Center. Pictured above, a group of students from James Watts' HNR 340 class taking a look at plates from Description de l'Egypte, printed from 1808-1829, which is one of the largest books in SCRC.

New Exhibit Opened:

Sept 14, 2019. "A Legacy of Leadership: The Chancellors and Presidents of Syracuse University," which was curated by Vanessa St. Oegger-Menn, is now on display in the first floor exhibition case in Bird Library.

New Acquisitions:

Josef Albers' "The Interaction of Color." 1963. You can read more about this acquisition in last week's blog post.

Paper with orange, yellow, dark blue, light blue, gray, and purple squares of paper attached inside, surrounded by black boxes and books on a wood table

“The Interaction of Color” by Josef Albers.

Ehon fuji no yukari: Illustrated selection of poems from the Tale of Genji with woodcuts by Mitsunobu Hasegawa from 1751.

Woodblock illustrations of Japanese women inside a room

New acquisition featuring woodcuts from The Tale of Genji.

Recap of Public Events:

Sept 5, 2019. Hosted "150 Years of Tradition at Syracuse University" exhibit opening reception. The exhibition continues through the spring semester.

Sept 6, 2019. Hosted a Preservation Fair for alumni as part of Orange Central weekend.

Man with glasses wearing a flannel shirt holding open a book while seated in front of a window and behind an orange table with other books and paper items.

Conservator David Stokoe at the Preservation Fair

Film reels and VHS tapes on top of an orange covering of a table.

Examples of legacy media at the Preservation Fair

A white sweatshirt with an embroidered orange letter ‘S’ and an orange textile stating “Syracuse” on top of a brown table.

Demonstrating rolling textiles at the Preservation Fair

Sept 7, 2019. Hosted alumni exhibition tours as part of Orange Central weekend.

Newly processed collections and additions:

The University Archives is pleased to announce that Chancellor Flint and Chancellor Graham’s records and papers have been newly processed as part of Syracuse University’s Sesquicentennial celebration!

Other newly processed collections:

Mentions in the News:

Sept 3, 2019. ‘150 Years of Tradition at Syracuse University’ showcases student memorabilia

Sept 4, 2019. Students Should Learn About SU's Legacy

Sept 30, 2019. Review: Graham Nolan’s “Monster Island” 20th Anniversary Edition

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