Libraries accepting applications for temporary use of ProQuest’s Text and Data Mining Studio

Oct. 18, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Map with circular icons indicating concentration over particular areas

Syracuse University Libraries is currently accepting Syracuse University researcher applications to temporarily access and use ProQuest’s Text and Data Mining (TDM) Studio platform.  Researchers and research teams can apply to access the beta release of TDM Studio for one week or one month in the fall or spring semester. The tool, which uses R and Python to assemble and analyze datasets within ProQuest’s text and data mining environment, allows users to mine large volumes of published content.

TDM Studio opens up avenues for analysis across all disciplines and many time periods from the millions of pages of journalism, scholarly journals, and other publications provided through contemporary and historical ProQuest databases that are part of SU Libraries’ collections.  

Although TDM Studio is still in development, it includes a growing array of training materials and example scripts. Researchers can download the results of their analyses to work within other visualization environments. Applicants should have some familiarity with R or Python programming languages. During this beta period, researchers will be asked to share their feedback on the platform. For information on user access and dataset limits, please refer to the TDM Studio Guide.

To submit a proposal for temporary access to TDM Studio during this fall semester beta period or to explore for use during the spring semester, fill out this proposal form. If you have questions, email

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