Libraries Receives Gift of Cookbook Collection

July 25, 2022, 11 a.m.

person with red top sits in front of bookcase
Gretel Pelto gifts the Libraries part of her cookbook collection.

Gretel Pelto, an internationally recognized scholar in nutrition and public health, recently gifted Syracuse University Libraries with cookbooks to add to the Libraries’ already significant cookbook collection. The Libraries’ cookbook collection supports academic programs and courses in health, food studies, history, anthropology, geography, literature and more. The collection is used for exploring social history and culture, international cuisines and diets, practicing cooking and baking techniques, revising recipes for community food distribution or modifying nutritional values, understanding people’s relationship to food and how it can be used to gather and build community, as well as restore and celebrate our connection to the land.

Anita Kuiken, Librarian for Falk College, selected the titles from Gretel Pelto’s personal collection. Titles from this gift can be found in the Libraries’ catalog by searching “Gift of Gretel Pelto, 2022”. The cookbooks from this gift would normally be shelved in Carnegie Library. However, they are currently available on the fourth floor of Bird Library. Additional titles from the gift will be available at Falk College. The generous gift also included additional food studies books that can be located throughout the collection.

Internationally recognized nutrition and public health scholar Gretel Pelto is a graduate professor of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology. She also taught in the Department of Nutritional Science at The University of Connecticut. Her work focuses on bridging the interface between academic research and actions to improve nutrition and public health in communities and bringing social science methods, particularly those of ethnography, to bear on nutrition and child health research. She has written and edited several books and numerous articles on theoretical and empirical issues in the academic nutrition community. She conducted field research in Mexico, Latin America and Finland. She was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Helsinki in recognition of her work and contributions to the development of nutrition research and teaching. Her experience led to an eight-year appointment at the World Health Organization (WHO) as the senior social scientist responsible for creating research tools and implementing their application to improve household management of acute respiratory infection and diarrheal diseases in developing countries. She received the Malinowski Award from the Society for Applied Anthropology and is a Fellow of the American Society for Nutrition and the Society for Applied Anthropology. She was a founding editor of the journals Medical Anthropology and Reviews in Anthropology and collaborated with colleagues to establish a group within the Society for Medical Anthropology, now an independent organization (The Society for Food and Nutrition) that operates under the umbrella of the American Anthropological Association. She currently serves on the editorial board of several nutrition and health journals. Several books and articles written by Gretel Pelto can be found in the Syracuse University Libraries’ collection by searching Summon.

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