Libraries statement on commitment to diversity and inclusion

May 11, 2018, 10:33 a.m.

Bird Library

In light of recent events regarding the egregious Theta Tau fraternity videos, the Syracuse University Libraries stand in solidarity with students, faculty, and staff in the face of the hatred displayed in those videos. The Libraries must serve as welcoming havens of safety, respect, openness, and accessibility to all members of our University community. Our doors are open to all who wish to pursue their creativity, research, and learning, no matter their skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity, or disability.

The Libraries will continue to strengthen its ongoing actions to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. Examples of recent and current efforts include:

These and other similar activities are important and have been well received. Going forward, the Libraries will further promote openness and equity by:

In short, we aspire to foster an inclusive community of discovery and personal growth for the campus community, and to display in our daily work our shared values of collaboration, community, empowerment, inclusion, innovation, openness, respectfulness, service, and stewardship.

My thanks to the Diversity and Inclusion Team (Kate Deibel, Bonnie Ryan, Laura Benjamin, Nicole Westerdahl, Niki Perkins, and Tarida Anantachai) and the members of Libraries Management Team for helping to craft this statement. I look forward to working with Libraries’ staff and with campus leadership on these critical issues in the weeks and months ahead.

David Seaman, Ph.D
Dean of Libraries and University Librarian
Syracuse University Libraries

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