Limited Editions, Limitless Friendship: A Collection of Limited Edition Club Volumes from the Libraries of Clare and Arnold Kivelson Special Collections Research Center

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Bird Library

01-27-2006 to 04-16-2006

This exhibit features a selection of Limited Editions Club livres d'artistes from the collection of Clare and Arnold Kivelson, which was presented as a gift to SCRC in 1999. Founded by George Macy in 1929, the Limited Editions Club published fine illustrated books in limited numbers for subscribers. After Macy’s death in 1956, his wife and later his son carried the enterprise forward until 1970, when the business was sold to the Boise-Cascade Company. Sidney Shiff, the current owner, purchased the Limited Editions Club in 1979. A Wall Street investor, Shiff transformed the Limited Editions Club by concentrating on livres d'artistes. He commissioned renowned artists (including many African Americans) and master printers and binders to conceive and execute volumes of striking beauty and quality.

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