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building that looks like barn with red shingles

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Plans Approved: October 1913

Building Constructed: 1914

Funding: Mrs. Russell Sage donated $30,000 to build 3 new barns on University Farm

Designed by: James Manufacturing Company, Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin

Location: 161 Farm Acre Road, South Campus

Renovated: 1977 and 1991

Cost: 1977, $59,000; 1991, $73,331

Notes: Originally constructed as part of the University Farm. In 1977, the first floor was converted to a bookstore and the Office of Residence Life moved into the second floor. A staircase originally located in the center interior of the building was closed off and a new stairwell was created on the east end using materials salvaged from the original structure. In 1991 the building became headquarters of FIXit, the University's Housing and Food Service Maintenance, then known as Residence and Dining Support Services (RDSS). The building still boasts the original Jamesway metal cupolas built by the James Manufacturing Company.