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expansive rolling hill land with buildings in distance

University Farm, ARM 10-0584

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Acquired by SU: 1910

Location: Colvin Street at the end of Lancaster Avenue, South Campus

Space: 200 acres

Notes: Originally a 100-acre farm, the University Farm grew to 200 acres by 1930. In 1913, Mrs. Russell Sage donated $30,000 to build 3 barns, which were completed in 1914 by the Jamesway Company of Wisconsin. Equipped for the best modern agricultural practices to benefit students from the Slocum College of Agriculture, the farm boasted a herd of dairy cows, hogs, horses, sheep, poultry and an apple orchard.

After the College of Agriculture closed in 1934, the farm continued to operate on a limited basis until the land was needed for housing units for World War II veterans attending SU. The Carriage House and the Inn Complete remain from the original farm buildings. The Skybarn is a replica of the original dairy barn.

several barns and land surrounding. Agricultural College Farm Buildings labeled at bottom of image

inside barn with stalls, metal bars separating each stall

man looking at trays stacked one upon another

several tables in row with items on the tables, chairs in rows at bottom of photo

man driving wagon filled with hay, pulled by two horses

man standing in between two horses outside of barn

large building with four columns, Joseph Slocum College of Agriculture etched into the stone of the building; several women sitting on steps in front of buildng