Day Hall Special Collections Research Center

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t-shaped building with glass on front facade and brick on other walls

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Construction Began: Spring 1957

Occupied: September 1958

Dedicated: November 14, 1958

Architects: Harry A. and F. Curtis King

Contractor: White Construction Company, New York

Interior Design: Ralph A. Laidlaw, professor, SU School of Art

Space: 8 stories

Cost: $3.4 million (included Graham Dining Center)

Funding: Financed through U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency

Location: 1 Mount Olympus Drive

Named for: Dr. James Roscoe Day, SU Chancellor 1894 to 1922

1990 Addition: $4 million; Bohlin, Powell, Larkin and Cywinski, Wilkes Barre, PA, architects

Renovated: 1992

Notes: Day Hall was originally a women's dormitory on Mount Olympus. When Day first opened there was a wing of guest rooms on the first floor, each with a private bath; these have since been converted to student rooms. The first floor contained a reception room, main lounge and recreation room, a director's suite and a reading area with a snack bar. Maintenance rooms, laundry facilities and a hobby room were located in the basement. Day connected to Graham Dining Center via a tunnel.