Eggers Hall Special Collections Research Center

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multi-floor brick building with columns in front and section on side shaped like polygon

Eggers Hall, SU Photo & Imaging RS 8574

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Plans Announced: September 1991

Groundbreaking: May 9, 1992

Occupied: December 28, 1993

Open House: January 10, 1994

First Classes Held: January 11, 1994

Named for: Chancellor and former economics professor Dr. Melvin A. Eggers

Dedication: October 6 & 7, 1994

Architect: Bohlin, Cywinski, and Jackson

Contractor: Hueber Breuer, Inc.

Cost: $20 million

Funding: Part of 5-year, $50 million fund-raising campaign

Location: Crouse Drive, adjacent to Maxwell Hall

Space: 84,000 square feet

Notes: The six story building is linked to Maxwell Hall by a three-tiered atrium. When built, it housed the departments of the Maxwell School, including history, economics, political science and geography. Included were a public events room, a 100-seat lecture hall, administrative and faculty offices, offices for a number of Maxwell School programs and a café. Themed seminar rooms such as the American Experiment Seminar Room honored the Seneca Falls Women's Movement, while the People of the Longhouse Seminar Room held banks of chairs against the walls and an open center space inspired by Onondaga Nation council meetings.