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flat three-story brick building

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Construction Began: February 2, 1955

Occupied: September 23, 1956

Dedicated as Flint Hall: November 14, 1958; originally named Mt. Olympus Hall

Named for: Dr. Charles Wesley Flint, Chancellor 1922 to 1936

Cost: $2.2 million

Funding: Financing from Federal Housing and Home Finance Agency

Location: 2 Mount Olympus Drive

Architects: King & King

Contractor: Edmund J. Rappoli Company

Materials: Reinforced concrete, red brick and limestone trim

Space: Four stories

Renovated: 1985

Cost of Renovation: Approximately $853,000

Notes: Flint Hall was originally built as a dormitory for women on Mount Olympus. Two wings were connected by a one story central unit containing the main lounge and recreation room. On each floor there was a smaller "pajama" lounge accommodating thirty persons and included a kitchen unit. Hobby, study and laundry rooms were located in the basement. A tunnel connected the building to Graham Dining Center.