Haven Hall Dormitory for Women (old) Special Collections Research Center

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large brick Italian Renaissance building with three sections

Haven Hall Dormitory for Women, Image 08-0085

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Construction Began: Summer 1903

Building Occupied: September 1904

Demolished: 1962

Named for: Erastus O. Haven, second SU Chancellor

Cost: $57,000

Architects: Professors Frederick W. Revels and Earl Hallenbeck

Contractor: Frank M. Kimmey

Materials: Ohio sandstone and brick; basement of Onondaga limestone

Style: Italian Renaissance

Location: University Place

Space: 73 rooms

Notes: The hallways were of oak; the study and bedrooms of cypress. Many of the rooms had private baths. Built as a dormitory for women enrolled in the fine arts college, the kitchen and dining facilities located in the basement were once converted into art studios. In 1959 the basement was again remodeled to hold the Faculty Club. Haven was demolished to make room for Newhouse Communications Center I.