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I.M. Pei concrete building

Newhouse I, SU Photo & Imaging Photos RS 8815

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Construction Began: Spring 1962

Dedicated: August 5, 1964

Dedication Speaker: US President Lyndon B. Johnson

Named For: Samuel I. Newhouse

Cost: Approximately $3.9 million

Funding: Samuel I. Newhouse donated $15 million for construction of 3-building communications center

Architects: I.M. Pei with King & King

Contractor: J.D. Taylor Construction

Materials: Pre-cast concrete

Space: 76,000 square feet

Location: 215 University Place

Renovated: 2007 as part of building fund for Newhouse III

Notes: A number of cottages and buildings, including Haven Hall, were demolished prior to construction. The flat-roofed building was designed in a cruciform shape. Dedication Hall, with its 32' high ceiling with skylight, occupied the center of the building. When built, Newhouse I was dedicated to the study of print media. It held classrooms, photography darkrooms and studios, various labs, design studios, offices, a library and a public lounge.

In 1965, I.M. Pei received the American Institute of Architects' National Honor Award for his design of Newhouse I.