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Building Occupied: September 1977

Cost: $200,000

Funding: Mrs. Russell Sage donated $30,000 to build 3 new barns on University Farm

Location: Farm Acre Road, South Campus

Space: Contains a multi-purpose space used for dances, dinners, meetings, movies, and small concerts. Also contains a large projection screen and a dance party sound system. Skybarn has a capacity of 400 standing, 200 sitting.

Notes: In July 1973 a tornado hit South Campus destroying several building including an old barn originally constructed in 1914 as part of the University Farm. Prior to this, the barn had been the center of discussions to refurbish it into a recreation center for Skytop residents. In 1977 a replica of the original barn, known as the Skybarn, was built complete with snack bar, game rooms, laundry and a children's library. As of 2010, it was used only for planned events.