Libraries Add MindSpa Wellness Rooms

Sept. 29, 2023, 10 a.m.

massage chair room

Syracuse University Libraries is adding two ‘MindSpa’ wellness rooms, designed similar to the Barnes Center at The Arch Crowley Family MindSpa, on October 1, 2023 in Bird Library. The Massage Chair Room and the Meditation Room will be available by reservation through the Libraries’ website.

The Bird Library MindSpa consists of two rooms - a Massage Chair Room and a Meditation Room, both available by reservation for free through the Libraries website. The Massage Chair Room includes a full-body massage chair with multiple massage options, which can be reserved for 30-minutes at a time. The Meditation Room can be reserved for 1-hour periods and includes a desk with items such as a dimmable salt lamp and chakra crystals. There is also space within the room to allow for meditation or yoga. Both rooms include a dimmable salt lamp to allow for patrons to control their level of brightness while using the room.

“We thought it was important to provide a space in the Libraries for our users, and especially students, to support their overall wellness and reduce stress,” said Melinda Dermody, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Success, Syracuse University Libraries. “We were guided by our colleagues at the Barnes Center at The Arch and their Crowley Family MindSpa room. Promoting holistic health and wellness on campus supports the success of our students, faculty and staff. Similar to how we worked with our colleagues at Hendricks Chapel a few years ago to provide a Prayer and Reflection Room in Bird Library, this new location allows users to have a place to practice mindfulness and guided meditation independently in a private, accessible and welcoming environment.”

Users interested in practicing relaxation or mindfulness exercises may also take advantage of any of the Wellness Collection items available at Bird Library or our new Meditation Kits. The Meditation Kits are available to be loaned out from the 1st Floor Check Out Desk at Bird Library, and include:

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