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five story brick building with white embellishments around windows

Winchell Hall Dormitory for Women, Image 13-0408

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Property Purchased: 1896

Construction Completed: June 1900

Building Occupied: Fall 1900

Demolished: February 1984

Named for: Alexander Winchell, first Chancellor of University, 1872-1874; and Professor of Geology, Zoology and Botany, 1873-1878

Cost: Approximately $30,000 including furnishings

Funding: from sale of "Western Lands" owned by SU

Architect: E. H. Gaggin, Syracuse University School of Architecture

Materials: Red brick and Indiana Limestone

Style: Modified Renaissance

Location: 301 University Place - northeast corner of University Avenue and University Place

Space: 4 stories, accommodated 55 people

Notes: The first dormitory to be constructed on campus. Winchell Hall and Haven Hall were placed on the north side of University Place, bookending the University Avenue axis leading down the hill from the Hall of Languages. This marked the first time that campus buildings formally crossed University Place. In 1918, due to the First World War, Winchell was used as barracks for the Students' Army Training Corps. While in the process of being demolished to make room for the building of Schine Student Center, a fire, possibly arson, swept through Winchell in early February 1984 and hastened the venerable structure's end.