Iocolano-Petty Football Wing Special Collections Research Center

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Iocolano-Petty Football Wing, SU Photo & Imaging RS 15160

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Constructed: 1991

Named: 1996

Named for: George R. Iocolano, Class of 1947, and William C. Petty, Class of 1946 who donated $1 million for athletic scholarships and $400,000 to Bird Library

Cost: $3.5 million

Contractors: Hueber-Breuer Construction

Location: Addition to Lampe Athletics Complex

Space: 30,000 square feet

Addition for Strength Training Facility: Groundbreaking, May 13, 2005; 11,200 square feet; $3.3 million; Donovan McNabb, Class of 1998, donor

Notes: The football center, connected to Manley Field House , was built as part of an $8.5 million expansion of Lampe Athletics Complex. A 2-story glass atrium housed trophy cases. A 175 seat auditorium, head coach's office, meeting and locker rooms were located on the first floor; the second floor held more offices and meeting rooms, a study area and cafeteria.

George Iocolano played baseball for SU and eventually became attorney for his friend and fellow business school graduate William Petty, a successful car dealer and businessman. Iocolano was instrumental in Petty's decision to bequeath money to SU.